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Son Ye Jin reveals something that makes everyone’s hearts flutter! what is it?

In a recent episode of the Gol YouTube channel’s “Li Jinan Class,” the beloved actress Son Ye Jin opened up about her future plans, including her thoughts on motherhood and her family life with Hyun Bin. If you’re curious about what she had to say, read on!

During the September 27th episode, titled “Son Ye Jin Express on Parenting,” the actress candidly shared her feelings about her acting career and her adorable baby with fellow actor Hyun Bin. She began by discussing her experiences as a mother and the joys and challenges that come with it.

Son Ye Jin expressed, “Of course, there are some difficulties, but the happiness a child brings is unlike anything I’ve ever felt in my life.” Her eyes lit up with genuine joy as she talked about her little one.

As for the burning question on everyone’s mind – will there be another addition to their family? She responded thoughtfully, “We need to think about that.” It’s clear that her focus has shifted more towards her family, especially after dedicating 20 years to her acting career. She continued, “I’m so happy now. I want to do better, take care of my child, and be a good wife and mother. It requires a lot of energy, but I’m truly content.”

When asked about her future projects, Son Ye Jin revealed that she currently has no projects in the pipeline. She explained, “After working constantly, getting married, and having a child, I’m taking a break now. I’m devoted to my current life, and when I come across a good project, I’ll know it’s time.”

Fans have been eagerly awaiting an official glimpse of Baby AlKong, but Son Ye Jin is keeping the baby’s privacy a top priority for now. She hasn’t shared the baby’s face with the public yet, emphasizing the importance of protecting the child’s privacy.

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