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Son Ye Jin Reveals the Pressure of Caring for Her Son but Remains Happy.

Recently, Son Ye Jin shared more about her married life and the responsibilities of caring for her son on a golf-themed YouTube program.

The Hyun Bin’s wife opened up about how her current life revolves around her son and family. She expressed, “I’ve been working for 20 years. Now, my life is centered around my son and my family. I am genuinely happy. Like other mothers, I also feel the pressure of raising my son well and being a good mother and wife… Nevertheless, right now, I am living a very happy life.”

Speaking about caring for her son, Son Ye Jin shared, “Of course, raising a child is not easy. But the joy that my child brings… I have never experienced anything like it in my life. Having another little one is a different story. Currently, I love my son very much; he is like the apple of my eye.”

Son Ye Jin also happily revealed some aspects of her son’s appearance, saying, “Regarding my little one, we always say that he inherits many traits from both his father and me. He has eyes that resemble mine and a cute little dimple like his father. Of course, children change as they grow up. But at this moment, I am delighted that he resembles me more.”

Regarding finding a new project to return to the screen soon, Son Ye Jin mentioned that she knows her fans are eagerly awaiting her comeback. The actress affirmed that she will return soon but not at this moment. “I am currently in a phase where I need to focus on my family,” Son Ye Jin shared.

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