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Son Ye Jin Riding Moge Greet Indonesian Fans Even Though Pregnant, Hyun Bin’s Wife Is Cool After Wearing a Motorcycle Gang-style Leather Jacket

Amid a hiatus from acting, the latest news from Son Ye Jin is undoubtedly the thing that fans have been waiting for the most.
Recently, Son Ye Jin returned to greet her fans from Indonesia by showing a great appearance.
It is known that Son Ye Jin has been asked to be the brand ambassador of a beauty product from Indonesia, namely Nutriville.
Launching from the @Nutrivilleid Instagram page, the brand released a video teaser of Hyun Bin’s wife, who amazes by her beauty.
In the video, Son Ye Jin, who is pregnant, is transformed into a small motorcycle gang member in a leather jacket while riding a big black motorcycle.
With her long hair flowing beautifully, the 40-year-old actress exudes a potent charm.
Despite wearing natural makeup, Son Ye Jin’s glowing face also stole the attention.
Son Ye Jin’s appearance immediately excited many netizens because the Crash Landing on You star greeted her fans in an Indonesian language video.
“Anyeongaseo, how are you, Indonesia? I’m Son Ye Jin; there’s a surprise for all of you. Please wait!” said the star of Crash Landing on You.
The Personal Taste star captivates many hearts with her sparkling eyes and genuine smile. Son Ye Jin’s fans also flooded the comment column who were impressed by the language skills of the actress.
“Aaaaaa cool motorbike, I love u eonni,” said a netizen.
“Uwaa, the language is perfect, Son Ye Jin, can’t wait to see you unnie,” said another.
“Waiting for @yejinhand’s beloved, finally got to hear Yejin say hello in Indonesian,” said another netizen.
“Wow, Ms Son Ye Jin is good at speaking her language,” said another.
“Where are pregnant women going to ride a big motorbike like that?,” commented another netizen.
“The surprise is meet and greet Indonesian fans, come to Indonesia escorted by Mas Chagiya,” said another.
On the other hand, Son Ye Jin, currently on a hiatus from dramas and films because she is in two bodies, tries to keep her fans updated on social media.
Recently, the 40-year-old actress also shared photos of homemade food she prepared for her beloved husband.
Meanwhile, Hyun Bin’s husband, who will soon be a father, is increasingly keen to earn a living with her latest projects.
Launching from dramastars, Son Ye Jin’s husband will make a big screen comeback this year through “Confidential Assignment 2: International,” with Im YoonA, Daniel Henney, Jin Sun Kyu, and Yu Hae Jin and has released the first teaser.



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