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What did Son Ye Jin say when asked about her plans for a second child?

Son Ye Jin was recently featured on a new golf reality show, showcasing her timeless beauty and the graceful charm that has made her the nation’s sweetheart. During a conversation with Lim Jin Han, the program’s host and a renowned golfer himself, Son Ye Jin shared some noteworthy insights about her firstborn child. When asked about her plans for a second child, the actress provided a response filled with subtlety and intrigue.

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin welcomed their first child in November of the previous year. Subsequently, the couple proactively adjusted their personal schedules to spend more time with their small family. Approximately five months after giving birth, Son Ye Jin made a return to the world of fashion and beauty while remaining undecided about her next acting project. Alongside this, she also made appearances on golf-related reality shows, a sport that both she and her husband are passionate about.

In the latest episode, MC Lim Jin Han took advantage of a break to engage in a candid conversation with Son Ye Jin. The two conversed harmoniously, with Son Ye Jin’s laughter filling the air, creating a lively atmosphere. During their exchange, Son Ye Jin acknowledged that raising a child undoubtedly presented its own set of challenges.

However, the experience of having a child had brought Son Ye Jin a sense of indescribable happiness that she had never felt before. The nation’s sweetheart expressed that her son was the most important person in her current life. Seeing Son Ye Jin’s radiant happiness when talking about her firstborn, the MC unexpectedly inquired about her intention to have another child. In response to the question, Son Ye Jin burst into laughter and remarked, “That’s a different matter.” Her response garnered significant attention from the audience.

On various online forums, the public praised Son Ye Jin’s charm. Many speculated that she might have been deflecting the question from the MC with her ambiguous response. Alternatively, it’s possible that she hasn’t yet made plans for a second child, hence her surprise at the interviewer’s sudden inquiry.

Not long ago, Son Ye Jin’s management company revealed that the actress was considering scripts for a new film or television project. During this comeback, she is not limiting herself to a specific genre, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the return of the nation’s sweetheart to the screen.

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