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Son Ye Jin shared Baby alkong’s Cute Dimple like Daddy Hyun Bin and Smiling eyes Like Her!

Popular South Korean actress, Son Ye Jin, recently opened up about her life as a wife and mother, offering an intimate look into her world on a golf program broadcasted on YouTube. Fans around the world have eagerly followed the star’s journey from her acclaimed roles in hit K-dramas to her marriage with fellow actor Hyun Bin, and most recently, their adorable son, affectionately known as “Baby Alkong.”

In the interview, Son Ye Jin expressed her sheer happiness and contentment in the role of a mother, a role she takes very seriously. She emphasized that her focus is currently centered on her family, especially her son. She shared, “I am truly happy taking care of my son, just like any other mother. The responsibility of raising a child can be quite daunting, but the joy that my baby brings into my life is unparalleled. I’ve never experienced such happiness before. Right now, he is the apple of my eye.”

As fans eagerly inquired about her son’s appearance, Son Ye Jin happily described Baby Alkong, highlighting the delightful similarities between him and both his famous parents. “We always say that he inherits many similarities between Hyun Bin and me. Baby Alkong has my smiling eyes, which I’ve been known for, and the adorable dimples that Hyun Bin is famous for,” she shared with a proud smile. It’s evident that this little one is truly the best of both worlds.

Addressing her fans’ anticipation for her return to the screen, Son Ye Jin assured them that she would indeed make a comeback, but not in the immediate future. She explained, “I understand that my fans are eagerly waiting for my return, and I will definitely be back soon. However, for now, my primary focus is on my family, especially Baby Alkong.”

The actress’s dedication to her family and the joy of motherhood shines through in her every word, and her devoted fans are undoubtedly excited to see her return to the screen when the time is right. Son Ye Jin’s journey into motherhood, with Baby Alkong as the center of her universe, reflects the beauty of balancing a successful career with the joys of a loving family.

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