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Son Ye-jin Shares a Heartwarming Revelation on Baby Alkong’s First Birthday.

The beloved South Korean actress Son Ye-jin recently took to social media to celebrate a very special occasion: her son Alkong’s first birthday. In a touching Instagram post, the proud mother shared a glimpse into her feelings and the deep connection she’s experienced since becoming a parent.

Son Ye-jin posted a throwback photo of her own childhood, reflecting on the surreal experience of seeing echoes of her younger self in her son. “The experience of seeing my child’s self that I don’t quite remember through blurry photos now overlapping and being projected on my child feels mysterious,” she wrote.

Her post was not just a nostalgic trip down memory lane but also an expression of gratitude towards her fans. She thanked everyone for their warm wishes for Alkong’s birthday, revealing that Alkong was delighted with all the gifts he received.

However, Son Ye-jin emphasized that moving forward, a heartfelt letter of support would be just as cherished. “I pray that all aunties have a happy day,” she added, showing her affection for her fans and their role in her and Alkong’s life.

In a playful comparison, she mentioned that Alkong, much to her delight, is “a million times cuter” than she was at his age. The letters of support she receives are a “huge comfort” to her, she noted, expressing how touched she is by the love and care from her fans.

She also reminded everyone to stay warm in the cold weather, showing her concern for her fans’ well-being. The shared photo, featuring a young Son Ye-jin, added a layer of personal touch to the post. Fans have been curious to see if baby Alkong resembles his mother, as it’s known that he looks exactly like Son Ye-jin when she was young.

In response to her post, fans and friends alike shared their delight and amusement, with many commenting on the sweetness of her message. Among the well-wishers was her husband and fellow actor, Hyun Bin. The couple, who got married in March of the previous year, welcomed their son Alkong in November, making this birthday celebration all the more special.

Son Ye-jin’s heartfelt post not only celebrated Alkong’s milestone but also highlighted the deep bond she shares with her fans. Her message of love and gratitude resonated with many, making Alkong’s first birthday a memorable occasion for her family and her global fanbase.

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