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Son Ye Jin shows off photos taken by her husband Hyun Bin, revealing signs of pregnancy?

The hottest couple in Kbiz right now is Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. Every move of the couple was noticed and enthusiastically discussed by the people.
On May 29, Son Ye Jin posted new photos on her page. The actress showed off a photo in a beautiful, pure white dress, taking her pet Kitty for a walk with the message: “What are you doing? Wishing everyone a delicious lunch and a happy weekend.” The actress’s beautiful bare face received a “rain” of compliments.

Fans also think this is a photo taken by her husband Hyun Bin himself for Son Ye Jin. However, the most remarkable thing is that when zooming in more closely, people discovered that the “beautiful sister” belly was somewhat cluttered, raising the suspicion that Son Ye Jin was pregnant with her first child.
After ending her honeymoon in the US, Son Ye Jin is said to be pregnant with her first child. It all comes from her and her husband’s strange costumes and actions at the airport. The actress wore a baggy shirt to swallow her figure wearing sports shoes to match. Husband Hyun Bin constantly raised his hand to shield her body and refused to take pictures for a reason: “Ye Jin’s outfit is not convenient to take pictures now”. However, the management company and both stars did not speak out about the pregnancy rumours.



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