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Son Ye Jin Surprised by Revelations from Hyun Bin’s Friends.

South Korean actor Hyun Bin, renowned for his striking looks and remarkable talent, recently graced the VIP premiere of Jang Dong Gun’s new movie, “The Spring of Soul.” This event marked Hyun Bin’s latest public appearance following his participation in a commercial campaign. Known for his long-standing friendship with Jang Dong Gun, Hyun Bin shared insights into his private life and his close circle of friends.

Hyun Bin’s Close Bond with Jang Dong Gun
Hyun Bin revealed that he has a very selective group of friends and that he often turns to Jang Dong Gun for advice and support. “With the few contacts I have, I spoke to Jang Dong Gun more,” he said, emphasizing the depth of their friendship. Jang Dong Gun, a highly paid actor and celebrity endorser in Korea, married actress Ko So Young in 2010 and they have two children.

Hyun Bin: The Heartthrob of His School Days
Many of Hyun Bin’s old friends fondly recall his popularity during their school days. One classmate shared a delightful anecdote: “As we took the bus together, all eyes were set on him. When I mentioned this to him, he blushed.” It was also revealed that the female students at their school had formed a fan club for Hyun Bin, showcasing his early charm and appeal.

Son Ye Jin Applauds Hyun Bin’s Influence
Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin’s partner, expressed her admiration for his character and the positive influence he could have on their son, Alkong. She believes that Hyun Bin’s attitude and the respect he garners from his friends will serve as an excellent example for their child.

Hyun Bin’s latest appearance and the insights shared by his friends and Son Ye Jin paint a picture of a man admired not just for his professional achievements, but also for his personal qualities and the strong bonds he maintains with those close to him. As a talented actor and a person of admirable character, Hyun Bin continues to captivate both on and off the screen.

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