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Son Ye Jin surprises her fans with a personal revelation in public! Hyun Bin feels incredibly lucky.

Recently, Son Ye Jin made a surprising revelation about her current life situation, and it’s something that has touched the hearts of her fans worldwide.

In her recent statement, Son Ye Jin expressed that she’s in a place in her life where her top priority is her family. This sentiment isn’t new for her; she has previously shared her desire to be deeply involved and hands-on if she ever started her own family. Her recent revelations only reaffirm her commitment to taking care of her husband and son.

When asked about her future plans in the entertainment industry, Son Ye Jin candidly admitted that, for the time being, she has no plans to return to acting. She explained that after working continuously, she got married and now has a child. Consequently, she decided to take a break and focus on being fully present for her husband and son. However, she also made a promise to her fans that when she comes across an amazing project, she will make her return to the screen.

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin, beloved stars of the hit drama “Crash Landing on You,” tied the knot in March 2022. Their love story captured the hearts of fans around the world, and the joy continued when Son Ye Jin announced her pregnancy in June. On November 27, the couple welcomed a healthy baby boy into their lives.

As of now, Son Ye Jin is in the happiest state of her life, cherishing her roles as a wife and mother. She has repeatedly expressed her deep love for her family, describing her baby as the “apple of her eye.”

What do you think about these developments, everyone? We can be sure that Mommy Son Ye Jin will make a triumphant return to the entertainment world when the time is right. Until then, let’s patiently await her comeback.

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