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Son Ye Jin – With just one sentence, Hyun Bin expressed his passion for his wife, revealing the Mid-Autumn Festival with his wife.

Recently, Hyun Bin has constantly been busy with the promotional campaign for the new movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International”. Currently, this work is being premiered and attracting the audience’s attention. In addition to the promotional schedule, Hyun Bin also had to give interviews to the media.
Hyun Bin is busy now, so he can’t be with his pregnant wife as much as before.
The reporter asked the actor “Crash Landing where he” about the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday with his wife on this occasion. Many people wonder how the Bin-Jin couple will welcome the holiday. Answering this question, Hyun Bin said that this is the first Mid-Autumn Festival together after getting married and becoming parents. Due to their busy schedule, they didn’t do anything special.
Many people are curious about how Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin will celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Because of her pregnant belly, Son Ye Jin walks less and shows more than before.
According to Hyun Bin, the couple will have a meal with their families on the morning of the holiday. After that, the actor will join the film crew to promote the movie. Thus, the couple only spent a short time together because they were too busy.
Previously, Hyun Bin also had a very special share in an interview. The actor said he was looking forward to seeing his first child. In addition, he is very worried about the health of his pregnant wife. The actor refused to answer face-to-face with reporters for fear of contracting the disease from outside and affecting his wife and children at home.
The image of a pregnant belly not long ago of his wife, Hyun Bin.
Hyun Bin is worried about his wife and unborn child, so he refuses to be in direct contact with the media.
Hyun Bin’s refusal made many viewers exclaim. It can be said that he loves and cares for his wife. Many people think that the actor Landing tends to be a “wives-crazy” husband. Previously, when he was commented to look more and more like Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin was not afraid to let the audience “eat dog rice” when he revealed that seeing his wife smile every day made him smile more and more like her.
Hyun Bin claims to smile more and more like Son Ye Jin because he sees her smile every day.
After listening to Hyun Bin’s answer, fans see how sweet this man is for his wife. It can be said that Hyun Bin later became like Bi Rain as a man who only knew how to have a wife.



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