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Son Ye Jin’s Baby Bump Became Hot Topic! Pregnant for 2nd Baby???

Netizens on social media are now buzzing about the possibility of a second child for the beloved couple, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. Do you remember when Hyun Bin first revealed his desire for their first child to be a baby boy? Well, in Son Ye Jin’s latest interview, she expressed her wish to have a second child with Hyun Bin, this time hoping for a baby girl.

Son Ye Jin also opened up about the pressures of motherhood, as she has been taking care of their son. However, despite the challenges, she remains content and happy, which has only endeared her more to fans. Moreover, Son Ye Jin gave a brief update on their little family, and it seems they are thriving as first-time parents.

Son Ye Jin shared, “Thanks to all the blessings, our baby Alkong is growing rapidly and becoming increasingly adorable. We didn’t expect our baby to grow up so fast!” Baby Alkong, at just 10 months old, has captured everyone’s hearts with his cuteness.

The actress also mentioned that she’s spending more time playing with Baby Alkong and is dedicated to raising him into a good person. Amid all these sweet updates, there have been rumors circulating that Son Ye Jin might be pregnant with their second child. However, the truth is that she is not pregnant at the moment and is fully devoted to caring for their 10-month-old son, Alkong.

So, for now, fans can rest assured that there’s no baby bump on the horizon. Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are relishing their roles as parents and cherishing every moment with their adorable little one.

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