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Son Ye Jin’s good news to the public after she went to new york!

South Korean actress Son Ye Jin, renowned for her captivating performances, recently shared exciting news and personal insights during her visit to New York.

In an interview following her involvement in the movie “39,” Son Ye Jin opened up about her views on marriage and career. When asked about advice for single women in their 30s facing societal pressures, she responded with wisdom. “Dealing with the burden is up to what you make of it. Some people feel a lot of pressure, while others don’t care. You should continuously ask yourself what your ultimate goal in life is and how you want to define happiness,” she stated.

Son Ye Jin, known for her intelligent and reflective nature, emphasized the importance of personal happiness over materialistic luxuries. She shared that her happiness stems from a loving family, fulfilling relationships, and pursuing her passions.

Adding to this wave of positivity, Son Ye Jin announced her new role as the brand ambassador for Kohan Chin Republic, a functional cosmetics brand. Known for its mantra, “Good ingredients are proven by results,” the brand aligns well with Son Ye Jin’s own values and image. Her new role in the skincare world showcases her timeless beauty and elegance, both inside and out.

Having established herself as a top actress through steady work and numerous awards, Son Ye Jin’s selection as a model for Kohan Chin Republic comes as a natural and fitting choice. Her glowing presence and commitment to quality resonate well with the brand’s ethos.

Congratulations to Son Ye Jin on her new endeavor and for continuing to inspire with her graceful approach to life and career.

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