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Son Ye Jin’s latest appearance becomes a netizen’s mockery, looks skinny like she’s not pregnant.

Korean actress, Son Ye Jin, became a netizens gossip after looking skinny like she wasn’t pregnant in her latest appearance for an advertisement.
As is known, Son Ye Jin is currently enjoying her role as a wife after marrying Hyun Bin.
Son Ye Jin was officially married to Hyun Bin on March 31, 2022.
The wedding party was held very sacred and with a high level of security by the bride and groom’s wishes.
After getting married, Son Ye Jin was immediately brought to Hyun Bin’s residence in the form of a very luxurious apartment.
After being postponed, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin also had their honeymoon in the United States.
Before marriage until the honeymoon, Son Ye Jin was rumoured to be pregnant with her child with Hyun Bin.
But her agency denied the news, which did not confirm that Son Ye Jin was pregnant before marriage.
However, four months after marrying Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin also announced the happy news.
Namely, Son Ye Jin announced that she was pregnant with Hyun Bin’s child on June 27, 2022, yesterday on her personal Instagram account @yejinhand.
“Today, I want to share with you some happy news. A new life has come to us.
I’m still in awe, but I go through the day feeling the changes in my body amidst worries and excitement.
I’m so grateful, but I’m also so careful that I haven’t been able to tell the people around me.
To the fans and those around us who will be waiting for this news as much as we are, we deliver the news before it’s too late.
“We will protect the precious life that has come to us, ” said Son Ye Jin.
There had been no news for several days; Son Ye Jin finally appeared in front of the public and immediately became the spotlight.
Namely, Son Ye Jin appeared in a commercial ad for the beauty product Medytox.
In Medytox’s latest upload on her YouTube channel, Son Ye Jin appears as an advertising model.
Son Ye Jin wore a long sleeveless white brown dress.
The dress is styled like a veil that covers the head of Hyun Bin’s wife.
Her appearance was beautiful and like a goddess in fairy tales.
Namely, Son Ye Jin looks thin and very slim. Warganet also began to comment on the latest appearance of the pregnant woman.
According to 8 World News, netizens keep calling Son Ye Jin like she’s not pregnant and giving her lots of compliments.
“Are you pregnant?”
“She’s pregnant? Is that true?”
“Son Ye Jin takes good care of her body.”
Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin’s husband, Hyun Bin, is busy with the Confidential Assignment 2 project, his latest film after marriage.



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