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Son Ye Jin’s Style Hanging Out on the Beach Wearing Pregnant Friendly Clothes, Her Smile Is So Sweet!

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are happy because they will soon be blessed with their first child.
The news of Son Ye Jin’s pregnancy made fans happy and started guessing the gender of the idol’s baby.
It is known that Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin got married on March 31 last. At that time, the news that Son Ye Jin was pregnant out of wedlock was circulating. Hearing these rumors, the agency quickly dismissed the report of Son Ye Jin’s pregnancy.
After the honeymoon, news of Son Ye Jin’s pregnancy resurfaced.
The rumor started when the 41-year-old actress wore an oversized hoodie as if covering her stomach. Then on June 27, Son Ye Jin announced her pregnancy through her Instagram account. Son Ye Jin admitted that she started to feel the changes in her body.
Having just gotten pregnant for the first time, Son Ye Jin said she was worried. Fans guessed Son Ye Jin’s gestational age.
Especially when sharing photos while on vacation, the belly of the drama ‘Personal Taste’ player has started to look bloated.
Before getting pregnant, Son Ye Jin had often worn maternity-friendly clothes. One of them was when she visited a beach to enjoy a vacation.
The IG account @doseofyejin shared the photo. Son Ye Jin looks cute in the image.
She wore an off-white mini dress. A dress with a loose model on the stomach makes Son Ye Jin’s body look fuller. She posed on a cliff with a sea view and smiled at the camera.
Hyun Bin’s wife’s beauty again amazes fans. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are known as a couple with extraordinary wealth. During their careers in entertainment, the couple always sold well in drama, film, and commercial projects. Particular attention was paid to the real estate investments they had even before marriage.
The profits earned by the two from real estate investments alone are estimated at 5.5 billion won, equivalent to 63 billion rupiah. Hyun Bin once bought a villa in Dongjak-gu, Seoul, for 2.7 billion won in 2009. Then he managed to sell it for 4 billion won in 2021.
Not to be outdone, Son Ye Jin also bought a small building in Mapo-gu, Seoul, for 9.3 billion won in 2015 and sold it for 13.5 billion won in three years.



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