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At the age of 41, Song Hye Kyo abruptly made an appearance and looked skinny.

Recently, on the night of June 22, Song Hye Kyo posted a short video on her Instagram to show her support for her best friend.
In the video, Song Hye Kyo wears comfortable clothes, wearing a black cap. Unlike the usual femininity, the beautiful Song family looks quite dusty and active this time.
Notably, everyone must admit that, in this appearance, Song Hye Kyo looks thinner when revealing her skinny arms. But even if she is thinner, Song Hye Kyo’s beauty is not affected. The 41-year-old actress’s skin is still plump and flawless.
After 3 years of divorce from Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo has a significant change in appearance. From a beauty with a beautiful and cute appearance, the current Song Hye Kyo has a slim body with attractive curves. Instead of discreet costumes, Song Hye Kyo is now more comfortable showing off her figure in sexy clothes.



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