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Song Hye Kyo admits to having a new love right after the success of The Glory.

Recently, Song Hye Kyo has been causing a stir in the small screen industry with her comeback as the female lead in The Glory. Her transformation from the queen of romantic films to a “vengeful woman” in a revenge-themed drama has changed the public’s perception of her image and acting skills, different from her previous works alongside her ex-husband, Song Joong Ki. Recently, there have been opinions suggesting that it seems Song Hye Kyo has found new love after her successful transition.

Accordingly, Song Hye Kyo recently posted a photo on her personal Instagram account. In the picture, despite being fully covered and wearing a face mask, it is still evident that the leading lady of The Glory is in good spirits. However, what caught most people’s attention was her holding a heart in her hand. Immediately, some speculated that this gesture was an implicit announcement of Song Hye Kyo’s new romantic relationship.

It’s just a normal photo. During this time, Song Hye Kyo is busy filming, so she wouldn’t have time for a romantic relationship.

Song Joong Ki also has a new girlfriend now, hoping that Song Hye Kyo will find someone to be with soon.

We used to be crazy about the Song-Song couple, but now we only hope that they both find their own happiness soon.

I hope Song Hye Kyo also finds a new love soon.



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