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Song Hye Kyo Almost Fainted During the Shooting of ‘The Glory’

Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook and the cast of “The Glory” recently appeared as guests on Netflix Korea’s YouTube channel. On the occasion, the writer revealed Song Hye Kyo’s struggle when she almost fainted on the shooting location.
They initially witnessed a scene where Moon Dong Eun (Hye Kyo) had a heated argument with her mother, Jeong Mi Hee (Park Ji A) in an apartment. The argument was so emotional that they almost had an accident due to the fire.
The “The Glory” cast initially praised Hye Kyo’s acting in the scene. “I loved Hye Kyo unnie’s acting in that scene,” said Kim Hieora. “Every time I see her new expressions and acting, I feel joy as a viewer,” responded Park Sung Hoon.
The director of “The Glory” then revealed that they shot the fire scene twice. “We shot once inside. For the fire, we had to shoot in an open space. We moved the set outside. We shot safely,” said the director.
Screenwriter Eun Sook then shared Hye Kyo’s condition during the shooting of that scene. “Hye Kyo said she was exhausted after it. She said she almost fainted,” said the screenwriter. The director also revealed Hye Kyo’s concern.
“When I said we were going to shoot the fire scene outside, she (Hye Kyo) was worried if she could do it again. She did a good job,” said the director. “It must have been difficult,” added Sung Hoon.
The screenwriter then revealed her reason for making Dong Eun’s mother a villainous character. “This is about victims. Families should be their first line of defense, but they don’t feel that way,” she explained.
“When you are born into this world, your mother is your first world, your first adult, and your first protector. However, some mothers are the first attackers. I wanted to portray Dong Eun’s mother as one of them,” added Eun Sook.
By making Dong Eun’s mother undergo rehabilitation, Eun Sook tried to protect Dong Eun’s soul. “Something that only she could do as her family. I wanted to return the same thing to her mother,” Eun Sook concluded.



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