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Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki Shine in Nielsen TV’s List of Most Popular TV Actors.

In a recent announcement on August 13th, Nielsen TV revealed a much-anticipated ranking of the most popular television actors over the past five years. The data was compiled based on the total domestic viewership of the final episodes of TV shows featuring these actors within the last half-decade.

The roster of top performers includes A-list stars who have captivated the small screen in South Korea, such as Park Eun Bin, Song Joong Ki, Nam Goong Min, and Hyun Bin. However, this lineup has also raised eyebrows due to the notable absence of some renowned actors, most notably, Song Hye Kyo.

What’s worth noting is that in 2023, Song Hye Kyo has made a triumphant return, achieving numerous remarkable milestones, including two prestigious awards: the Baeksang 2023 and the Rồng Xanh 2023. Portraying the lead character, Moon Dong Eun, in the popular TV drama “The Glory,” Song Hye Kyo has rightfully earned recognition as the most successful TV actress of 2023.

Meanwhile, her ex-husband, the accomplished actor Song Joong Ki, secured the second spot on the list with the success of his TV series “Reborn Rich.” With back-to-back hits from “Reborn Rich” and “Vincenzo,” Song Joong Ki has garnered over 10 million views for the final episodes of these two sensational shows.

In addition to these achievements, Song Joong Ki’s involvement in another television series, “Arthdal Chronicles,” garnered a modest yet respectable viewership of 1.999 million for its final episode, contributing to his established position in the current realm of TV actors.

Despite its perceived fairness, the list has sparked a variety of contrasting opinions among viewers. Online communities argue that Song Hye Kyo is undeniably deserving of a place among the most popular TV actors of the past five years, given her unwavering efforts and accomplishments. Conversely, some believe that Song Joong Ki, despite leaving a distinct mark, seems to have taken a step back in his career since his second marriage.

In the world of South Korean television, the rankings might generate debates, but they also celebrate the achievements of artists who have captured the hearts of audiences and showcased their talents on the screen. As the industry continues to evolve, fans eagerly await the next wave of captivating performances and celebrated actors.

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