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Song Hye Kyo appears mysterious, reaction when caught by fans is actually really sweet.

Appearing in public, Song Hye Kyo looks mysterious.
Song Hye Kyo seemed to cover all her face leaving only her beautiful eyes.
Despite appearing mysterious, who would have thought that Song Hye Kyo’s reaction was sweet when caught by her fans.
Known as a top artist, it’s no wonder Song Hye Kyo is always the center of attention every time she appears.
When caught performing in public places like artists in general, Song Hye Kyo will be swarmed by fans.
Because of this, Song Hye Kyo often appears mysterious when she appears in public spaces.
Like Korean artists, Song Hye Kyo has also been caught appearing mysterious while at the airport.
At that time, he was seen wearing a thick brown coat.
He seemed to wear a black hat and a warm scarf that covered her face, leaving only his eyes to hide her identity.
But who would have thought the fans and the media were more observant than they thought.
The reason is that fans and the media immediately knew of Song Hye Kyo’s presence even though the former Song Joong Ki covered her face so she wouldn’t be easily recognized.
The unique moment was uploaded by one of Song Hye Kyo’s fan Instagram accounts @ missroses_thefangirl
Being caught by the media and fans did not make Song Hye Kyo run away from them.
Hyun Bin’s ex-girlfriend is still sweet as usual. She even opened his scarf and showed a sweet smile to the fans who greeted her.
The camera spotlight then continued to follow Jang Ki Yong’s co-star. Not quite there, Song Hye Kyo also did not forget to greet her fans.
Walking away from them, Song Hye Kyo seemed to wave her hand while saying thank you. Not to forget, a sweet smile graced her beautiful face. The upload was then commented on by fans who highlighted Song Hye Kyo’s sweet attitude. “She is looking so cute while saying bye,” wrote the account @bhumi_r_si***
“Being a ninja again but still friendly,” commented the account @elil****
Duh, Song Hye Kyo’s attitude to her fans is lovely.



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