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Song Hye Kyo at the Fendi show: Beautiful despite the normal camera, cutting her hair short, but still making people feel sorry for one detail.

Reaching the threshold of 40, Song Hye Kyo still makes people sob many times in a row because her beauty is too beautiful, just showing up will cause a fever. A few days ago, the “pearl” of Korean cinema made people fall in love with the shape of a black swan when attending an event by Chaumet jewellery company. And 5 days later, Song Hye Kyo once again stirred up the internet with her top-notch beauty despite ordinary cameras when attending Fendi’s fashion event as a sitting Ambassador. On the front row – the front row of the fashion show.
Attending the Fendi Haute Couture show in France, the Ambassador dressed in a minimalist but elegant, luxurious but still young and modern fashion and showed off her slim body. The outfit chosen by Song Hye Kyo this time has a neutral colour with microscopic stripes, pastels and matching handbags in both colours and patterns, creating a pleasing overall look.
Indeed, Fendi and Song Hye Kyo were brilliant when choosing this outfit. Set of clothes with the basic design but never out of fashion, including a blazer with a broken neck to reveal a slim waist and stylized shorts… all items with highly high applicability that are suitable for many body shapes, many styles. Resonating with the influence of Song Hye Kyo, it is expected that the outfit and bag model in her hand will be highly sought after by women and soon sold out on a large scale.



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