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Song Hye Kyo declared unequivocally that she did not recall her recollections with Song Joong Ki.

Song Hye Kyo is a well-known figure in Korean entertainment. Although she is not always on television, the actress is nonetheless acknowledged by the media and admirers.
Song Hye Kyo recently returned to the drama project “The Glory” after the film “Now, we are breaking” was not well received. As a result, many people anticipate Song Hye Kyo to convert in a recent film to be able to produce a significant turning point in her acting career, comparable to Song Joong Ki.
Song Hye Kyo recently shared something with the media to promote her film that piqued the interest of fans. As a result, the 8x actress openly acknowledged that she prefers characters that suffer rather than those who have happy endings.
She claims she doesn’t recall any movies with joyful endings. The public instantly took note of this sharing. Some believe this is Song Hye Kyo, as if she has forgotten her memories with Song Joong Ki. Because they had a great chemistry in the film “Descendants of the Sun.” They, too, have developed well-known masterpieces over their careers.
However, these are merely the opinions of the public, and insiders are uninterested in the chatter going on around them. Both are actively involved in artistic endeavors. While Song Joong Ki has received plaudits for his performance in the film “The Youngest Tycoon,” Song Hye Kyo is anticipated to be as good as her ex-husband.
Song Hye Kyo is no longer a powerful woman in the film “The Glory,” although she does portray Moon Dong Eun, a teacher at Semyeong Private Elementary School. Due to previous incidents of school violence, he was forced to withdraw out of school. After having to abandon her ambition of becoming an architect, Moon Dong Eun matured and started plotting her vengeance against those who had mistreated her.
If successful, Song Hye Kyo’s vengeful character would most likely be a watershed moment in the actress’s acting career. The film’s official release date is set for the end of December.



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