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Appearing like a teenager wearing a crop top, Song Hye Kyo embraced the figure of a man who was instrumental in her life, who is that?

Song Hye Kyo’s beauty had not faded at the age of 40, especially when Song Hye Kyo was in Paris to attend the luxury jewelry brand Chaumet.
Song Hye Kyo’s appearance at that time looked very impressive to many fans. Likewise, when Song Hye Kyo was taking a stroll in Paris. As seen in his upload @kyo1122, Song Hye Kyo appears like an ABG child in her style.
She was seen wearing a white crop top, an army green jacket, and jeans.
Song Hye Kyo also sweetened her appearance with the sunglasses she wore.
Song Hye Kyo’s appearance style has successfully fascinated fans. Fans are not only fascinated by Song Hye Kyo’s very stylish fashion style but also her beautiful body proportions. Song Hye Kyo’s body looks slim, which makes her more youthful.
But what surprised fans were that Song Hye Kyo seemed to be embraced by a man. In Song Hye Kyo’s last upload on Instagram on July 6, she only showed a portrait of herself.
However, fans found that Song Hye Kyo seemed to be embraced by a man.
Launching from Lovekpop95, Song Hye Kyo also replied to the man’s embrace. The man who is no less stylish than Song Hye Kyo is wearing a striped shirt with short white pants. Her appearance is also sweetened with sunglasses. Although it is only seen from the side, fans can see that the visual of the man beside Song Hye Kyo is no less attractive. It turns out that the figure of the man with Song Hye Kyo is known to be his fashion stylist.
This can be seen from a fan’s comment stating that the man is a fashion stylist. “That man is her stylist,” she wrote. Stylish, who is with Song Hye Kyo, accompanied him during Song Joong Ki’s ex-wife in Paris.



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