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Song Hye Kyo has a hard time opening up to anyone because her childhood “scar” is too big.

Debuting to the public before the 2000s, up to now, Song Hye Kyo has always been an acting and beauty icon in Korea and Asia. Her upcoming movie – The Glory starring Lee Do Hyun, has received much attention even though it has not yet aired.
Few people know that the Korean screen pearl – Song Hye Kyo had a tough childhood. The lack of family affection had made Hye Kyo an introvert, demanding to be as innocent and cheerful as when she closed Happy House in 2004.
Song Hye Kyo witnessed her parents break up when she was too young. It is known that when she married and gave birth to Hye Kyo, her parents were still very young, so they were not smooth and harmonious in their thoughts.
Her father left, and her mother was also too difficult to raise Hye Kyo thoughtfully. Little Hye Kyo that day had to live in the arms of her grandparents; later, her mother wandered from her hometown of Daegu to Seoul to make a living.
Experiencing many hardships at a young age has forged a strong Hye Kyo who does not give in to difficulties. But the lack of love from her family made her closed and introverted forever.


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“Hong face of fate” is the sentence that the audience compares when talking about the life of the beauty of the Song family, especially in the love story. Before her marriage to Song Joong Ki broke down, her love story with Hyun Bin or Lee Byung Hun did not have a good outcome.
And yet, the beauty is also entangled in rumors of “fake love movies” with many co-stars such as Bi Rain, Jang Ki Yong, Park Bo Gum, or Jo In Sung. Here caused her to receive many criticisms from the public, and she was labeled “amorous” or “specialized in love with co-stars.”
Later, thanks to her efforts, innate acting ability, and a little luck, Hye Kyo has had many works for life. She also won the “rating queen” title even Son Ye Jin had never touched.


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For many years, Hye Kyo has consistently appeared in the most popular Korean artists abroad chart. The commercial value of the actress is consistently among the top in Korea.
It can be seen that to achieve her current success, Song Hye Kyo has had to go through a lot of ups and downs in her life. Hopefully, the upcoming project of the beauties of the Song family will achieve much success. The Korean pearl will also find her true destination in life.



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