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Song Hye Kyo Helps Yeom Hye Ran Overcome Nervousness at the Release of “Citizen Of A Kind”

Yeom Hye Ran recently had an interview regarding the release of her latest film titled “Citizen of a Kind”. In the interview, Hye Ran discussed the support she received from Song Hye Kyo, which helped alleviate her nervousness during the film’s release.

Hye Ran said, “I was nervous at the premiere as it was the first time showing ‘Citizen of a Kind’ to people. However, Song Hye Kyo reassured me. She told me to stop worrying and enjoy the moment.”

Hye Ran expressed her gratitude for Hye Kyo’s words at that time. The two beautiful women had previously acted together in the drama “The Glory”. Since then, their relationship has grown quite close. However, Hye Ran actually did not invite Hye Kyo to the film’s release.

Fortunately, Hye Kyo came and posted a photo with Hye Ran to help promote “Citizen of a Kind”. “Her post had a greater impact than other interviews conducted by the cast of ‘Citizen of a Kind’. I realized how powerful top actors like her are,” said Hye Ran.

“Song Hye Kyo came to the film release without calling me. I didn’t ask her to come to the event, thinking she would be too busy to do so. But she came to surprise me, and I am very grateful for that,” she continued.

Hye Ran also received a bouquet of flowers from Hye Kyo. “She also sent me a large bouquet, which I keep at home. The flowers are so nice, truly extraordinary. I mean, I got them a few days ago, and they still look fresh!” she exclaimed.

Hye Ran next discussed comments from her close ones about “Citizen of a Kind”. “My family and friends also told me that the film is very enjoyable. Maybe, initially, they did not have high expectations,” she revealed.

“It seems they really praised it, and that’s very comforting. The ‘Citizen of a Kind’ team is still cautious in predicting the success of this film. However, we are hopeful,” she concluded. Meanwhile, the film is scheduled for release on January 24th.

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