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Song Hye Kyo is accused of power abuse.

On December 23, Insight newspaper stated that Song Hye Kyo’s unedited images and videos promoting his upcoming film The Glory mysteriously vanished after only a few days. This raised the possibility that Song Hye Kyo misused her position and directed the film team to erase the photographs above.
According to Insight, a story concerning the disappearance of Song Hye Kyo’s picture drew notice on the Theqoo site. Many online accounts say Song Hye Kyo is dissatisfied with her looks in the videos and images she has released. As a result, she requested that the maker remove them. Furthermore, the movie poster was removed for the same reason.
“Song Hye Kyo’s management business has already requested that her photo be removed. Isn’t this the same explanation in this case? “, a user said on Theqoo.
However, the film production unit rejected it around midday on December 23. They underlined that Song Hye Kyo did not misuse his position of authority. The team walks you through the many procedures involved in picture and video editing. The products displayed are not the final results.
“The promotional film was made to demonstrate the crew’s appreciation for the audience’s overwhelming support. It was removed, however, since it featured material from the unreleased film The Glory “The team elaborated. prefer.
Song Hye Kyo’s upcoming film is The Glory. She began working with 14-year-old junior Lee Do Hyun. Song Hye Kyo plays Moon Dong Eun in the drama, who experienced serious school violence in high school and nearly committed suicide. She then puts her life in danger to prepare her vengeance for a long period. Song Hye Kyo expressed her desire to play Moon Dong Eun. She was devastated to the point of disbelief when she read the script.



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