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Song Hye Kyo is bolder than after divorce Song Joong Ki: Dating continuously, even openly kissing other people’s cheeks.

Song Hye Kyo is considered the most active actress among the four great Korean beauties in 2022. Recently, netizens have exchanged beautiful photos of Song Hye Kyo on dates with friends in France…
Thereby, the public saw that Song Hye Kyo no longer had the image of a quiet and timid beauty like when she knew Song Joong Ki. She is now bolder, constantly participating in meetings with friends. Even the actress did not hesitate to show intimate actions, kissing other people’s cheeks. Specifically, Song Hye Kyo took advantage of her time in France to meet friends. She and her close friends often choose beautifully designed cafes as places to chat. Among the people that Hye Kyo met on this trip was the editor-in-chief of W Korea magazine. In the photo, Song Hye Kyo attracts attention when she dresses, leaving a bare face to take pictures with her friends. The beauty of the age 40 of the beauties of the Song family makes the public admire her flawless white skin, the five senses on her face are incredibly harmonious. Rarely has time to meet friends, Hye Kyo does not forget to record beautiful photos and share them with fans. In it, the moment Hye Kyo put on her shoulder, and kissed her best friend’s cheek, made the public “standstill.” As soon as the pictures of Hye Kyo gathering her friends in France were spread, netizens showed their interest by leaving many positive comments. Most of the audience admired Hye Kyo’s broad relationship and communication skills. They also think that Hye Kyo must be very good-natured, so she is loved by so many people.
Besides, they are also happy because she seems to have been satisfied, boldly publicizing her private image after breaking up with her ex-husband. With this momentum, they believe she will soon regain the form of an inherent “screen pearl” or “rating queen.” Shortly, Hye Kyo will “love” with Lee Do Hyun in the horror project – The Glory. In the film, she will play a woman with a diverse personality. She was a victim of school violence to the point of giving up her dream of becoming an architect. Later, she returned to the teacher status and carried out a revenge plan.



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