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Playing the role of a blind woman, Song Hye Kyo loses in totality to Han Ji Min and Park Hyung Sik’s wife

Before becoming Park Hyung Sik’s wife in the drama ‘Happiness’, Han Hyo Joo joined Song Hye Kyo and Han Ji Min as the female lead who lost her sight.
In the world of acting, you must be able to play various characters with quite extreme challenges.
These actresses must be professional in every role they will play later.
Playing a character with normal eyesight has its challenges, but these actresses manage to play an epic role as blind women.
Reporting from KBIZoom, Friday, May 3, 2022, Song Hye Kyo lost in totality to playing a woman with a blind condition compared to Han Ji Min and Han Hyo Joo.

1.Han Hyo Joo
Long before becoming Park Hyung Sik’s wife in the drama ‘Happiness’, Han Hyo Joo first played the role of a blind woman.
Thanks to her role as a blind woman, Han Hyo Joo managed to get the title of Hallyu (Korean Wave) Queen at a Japanese press conference.
The film ‘Always’ starring Han Hyo Joo and So Ji Sub, was in great demand during its release process in Japan.
Due to Han Hyo Joo’s strong character in the previous drama as Dong Yi, many viewers are interested in seeing her new work in the movie ‘Always’.
The film ‘Always’ tells the story of the sad love story of Chul Min (So Ji Sub), who used to be a boxer.
With Jung Hwa (Han Hyo Joo), a girl who lost her dreams and vision due to an accident, quoted from Kdramastars.

2. Han Ji Min.
The best actress winner of the Blue Dragon award, Han Ji Min, received much praise for her touching performance.
Han Ji Min played a blind woman in the 2017 short film ‘Two Lights: Relumino’.
Where she co-starred with actor Park Hyung Sik and played a blind woman perfectly.
Throughout the film, the audience is made to cry, watching scenes where a blind woman struggles to live her life.
To play the character of a blind woman, Han Ji Min takes a class where she meets blind people and observes their movements.
The totality given by Han Ji Min paid off with the many good responses that the audience gave.
Even though 5 years have passed, Han Ji Min is still known for her natural acting as a blind woman in ‘Two Lights: Relumino’, which will never be forgotten.

3. Song Hye Kyo.
In’ That Winter The Wind Blows’, Song Hye Kyo played a blind woman with actor Jo In Sung.
Not as total as Han Ji Min, Song Hye Kyo even became the spotlight when many commented that her appearance as a blind woman was too unrealistic.
In addition, Song Hye Kyo’s acting is not very impressive compared to the appearance of Han Ji Min and Han Hyo Joo, who play the character of a blind women.
However, many Asian viewers were touched by the tearful love story of ‘That Winter The Wind Blows’.
Song Hye Kyo also observed and thoroughly studied the characteristics of blind people in real life.
According to him, it made it easier for him to play the role of a blind man.
Apart from Song Hye Kyo, Han Hyo Joo, and Han Ji Min, other Korean actresses have successfully portrayed the character of a blind person, such as Choi Ji Woo in ‘Stairway to Heaven and Kim Ha Neul in ‘Blind’.



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