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Song Hye Kyo Only Wears a Belly T-shirt at the NWABU Reunion, the Sultan without Populist Make Up.

Song Hye Kyo again stirred the public after her appearance in the reunion drama Now We Are Breaking Up garnered attention.
Song Hye Kyo’s name has become one of the most reckoned in South Korean entertainment.
Since making her debut in the 90s, Song Hye Kyo has been predicted to become a big artist.
The reason is that Song Hye Kyo has a capable acting quality supported by extraordinary beautiful visuals.
And it turns out that the prediction has proven true to this day.
Song Hye Kyo has become a star with an S rating that will make the drama she starred in a success.
Various drama titles that hooked Song Hye Kyo were selling well in the Korean and world markets.
One of them is a drama entitled Now We Are Breaking Up.
In the drama that aired at the end of 2021, Song Hye Kyo was paired with the handsome actor Jang Ki Yong.
With a background in the glittering fashion industry, Song Hye Kyo successfully plays a stylish designer.
The ex-wife of Song Joong Ki showed chemistry, and Jang Ki Yong also successfully made the audience baper
Now the drama has ended with an ending that makes the audience wonder.
However, it turns out that the relationship between the crew and the cast of Now We are Breaking Up did not stop until the project was completed.
This is evidenced by the upload of a fan base account on Instagram, @songhyekyozone, on August 2, 2022, which shows the closeness of the NWABU crew and players, including Song Hye Kyo, at a simple reunion event.
At the reunion, there was also a book distribution from one of the crews for all those present.
Of course, as an icon of the NWABU drama, Song Hye Kyo’s appearance at the event did not go unnoticed.
In different styles in the drama, Song Hye Kyo appeared populist by only wearing a t-shirt at the reunion event.
The Descendants of the Sun star also wore a black hat and tucked her t-shirt into her trousers.
In addition to t-shirts, Song Hye Kyo is confident “out of the cage” without make-up showing her innocent face.
Even though she only appeared in a white t-shirt, Song Hye Kyo still exuded a star aura.
Suddenly, various compliments were immediately thrown from netizens for Song Hye Kyo, who appeared brave.
Many praised Song Hye Kyo’s close appearance even though her status as a big artist remained attached.
Apart from that, netizens also commented positively on the friendship between the crew and NWABU artists, which has been maintained until now.
Song Hye Kyo is indeed endless, making fans amazed.



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