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Song Hye Kyo Opens Up About Exhaustion After Divorce from Song Joong Ki.

There is no denying that Song Hye Kyo is currently the top A-list celebrity in South Korea, being highly sought after by fans and the media alike. After successfully achieving two prestigious awards at Baeksang 2023 and Rồng Xanh 2023, the public is now more curious than ever about the actress’s future plans. Amidst the excitement surrounding her career, the relationship between her and her former husband, the talented actor Song Joong Ki, has also garnered significant attention from the press.

Recently, Song Hye Kyo sat down for an interview during the 59th Baeksang Awards held in South Korea. At the event, The Glory actress candidly shared about her career and personal life. She also surprisingly revealed concerning signs of health issues and work-life balance challenges.

Specifically, when asked about her current health status, Song Hye Kyo sighed and admitted, “Right after the award ceremony, the very next day, I had a schedule in New York. I had to leave for the airport early in the morning. With numerous international commitments, I’ve been constantly traveling back and forth. After returning from New York, I felt a bit exhausted.”

Her response raised concerns among all the staff present at the studio. However, the actress quickly reassured everyone, saying, “After taking a rest for over a week, I regained my spirit and started with other schedules again.” Despite being comfortable continuing with the interview, it was evident that this was a rare occasion for the South Korean beauty to openly reveal her vulnerable side.

After the interview segment was released, many fans expressed their worries about Song Hye Kyo’s packed schedule. Numerous netizens speculated that she might be feeling lonely while facing the news of her ex-husband’s upcoming marriage and the arrival of his first child.

It is evident that Song Hye Kyo’s busy professional and personal life is taking a toll on her well-being. As a beloved public figure, it is essential for her to take care of herself and find a healthy work-life balance to avoid burnout. Fans and well-wishers hope that the talented actress will prioritize her health and happiness while continuing to shine in her successful career.

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