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Song Hye Kyo Pushes Herself with Korean Drama Don’t Want To Look Weak, The Glory

Song Hye Kyo pushed herself by starring in the latest Korean drama, The Glory. Song Hye Kyo accepted this drama offer because her role was different from what she had previously done, in addition to being worked on by director An Gil Ho and writer Kim Eun Sook.
“When I read the screenplay, I knew that was exactly what I was searching for. This was the genre and persona I was seeking for throughout my career. I desired this genre and character, and I finally found it in this drama and in this character “Song Hye Kyo stated this at a virtual conference on Tuesday, December 20, 2022.
Tragic Accounts of School Violence Victims
Song Hye Kyo portrays Moon Dong Eun, a lady who recalls bullying and violence at school 18 years ago. Moon Dong Eun dedicated her life to exacting vengeance on those who ruined her youth.
“When I first read the screenplay, I felt it was terrible. I couldn’t come up with anything else. How could this have occurred to that guy, and it was also brilliantly written by writer Kim? “He stated. “It will be a fantastic show if I do a good job portraying Dong Eun.”
Song Hye Kyo stated that Moon Dong Eun’s character suffered immensely from the violence at school and nearly committed suicide. The grownups around him, including his parents, school, and police, provided no safety. Song Hye Kyo does not want Moon Dong Eun to appear weak, despite the fact that she is a victim with a tragic background.
“It’s really difficult to play a victim,” Song Hye Kyo stated. “I don’t want him to appear painful; I want him to appear solid and powerful, and that’s what I try to concentrate on.”
Get Out of Melodrama’s Shadow
Song Hye Kyo is well known as a dramatic star. The Glory, on the other hand, altered Song Hye Kyo’s look significantly. Song Hye Kyo maintains an angry and vengeful face throughout the drama trailer, which focuses on retribution, bullying, childhood trauma, and confrontation.
“I’ve done a lot of melodramas in the past, but in The Glory, I’ll be displaying a completely fresh face expression. People may be unfamiliar with the new face I’m displaying in The Glory. It’s difficult yet enjoyable for me “He stated.
The first season of The Glory will premiere on Netflix on Friday, December 30, 2022, with eight episodes. The second portion, which will similarly consist of eight episodes, will premiere in March 2023. The Glory also stars Lee Do Hyun, Lim Ji Yeon, Park Sung Hoon, Yeom Hye Ran, and Jung Sung Il in addition to Song Hye Kyo.



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