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Song Hye Kyo Receives Exciting Career News as Song Joong Ki Prepares for a Comeback.

In recent days, Song Hye Kyo has been greeted with delightful news in her career, while Song Joong Ki is gearing up for his return to the spotlight.

The 59th Grand Bell Awards recently announced its list of nominees for the upcoming annual awards ceremony, set to take place on November 15th at the Kyunggi Art Center in Suwon. The Grand Bell Awards, also known as the Daejong Film Awards, were first established in 1962 by the Korean Film Association. These awards are highly prestigious within the South Korean film industry and are often compared to the United States’ Oscars.

Specifically in the realm of television, four outstanding productions have been nominated for the Best Television Series category, including “Mask Girl” (Netflix), “The Glory” (Netflix), “Casino” (Disney+), and “Moving” (Disney+). Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo (for her role in “The Glory”), Han Hyo Joo (“Moving”), Lee Na Young (“One Day Off”), Go Hyun Jung (“Mask Girl”), Jeon Jong Seo (“Bargain”), and Yeom Hye Ran (“Mask Girl”) are among the outstanding nominees for the Best Actress category.

It’s safe to say that Song Hye Kyo stands out as one of the most anticipated nominees. After a significant hiatus from the small screen, Song Hye Kyo quickly garnered attention with her revenge-themed television series, “The Glory.” Upon its release, both seasons of the series achieved remarkable popularity and became one of the most highly-anticipated television series of 2023. The show even secured the top spot in the global top 10 in terms of viewership ratings.

In the series, Song Hye Kyo takes on the role of Moon Dong Eun, a victim of school violence during her childhood. The story revolves around a woman whose soul was scarred by the cruelty of her youth and who later takes on a daring journey to seek monumental revenge. With her exceptional acting skills, she has won the hearts of audiences in South Korea and around the world.

Moreover, fans have been lavishing praise on Song Hye Kyo’s evolving beauty, as she appears more radiant than ever. Her nomination for the “Korean Oscar” is a well-deserved recognition of her outstanding performance in “The Glory” and the incredible efforts of the entire production team.

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