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Song Hye Kyo receives great news in her career, Song Joong Ki will have a hard time catching up.

In 2023, the entertainment industry witnessed the glorious comeback of Song Hye Kyo, marked by the astounding success of the television series “The Glory.” As the lead actress in this much-acclaimed drama, Song Hye Kyo’s year has been filled with continuous accolades and milestones.

“The Glory,” which premiered in late 2022, quickly became the most heavily promoted Netflix series in South Korea. The show, boasting a cast led by Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun, alongside a host of critically acclaimed actors, was supported by a formidable team including screenwriter Kim Eun Sook and director Ahn Gil Ho. This ensemble set high expectations from audiences.

The series did not disappoint. At the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards in March 2023, “The Glory” won the award for Outstanding Television Drama, with Song Hye Kyo receiving the Daesang (Grand Prize) for Best Actress. Lim Ji Yeon also garnered the award for Best Supporting Actress. Further acclaim came at the Blue Dragon Series Awards in July, where Song Hye Kyo won a major award, and Lim Ji Yeon was recognized again for her exceptional supporting role.

In a Gallup Korea survey conducted in March, “The Glory” emerged as the most beloved TV show with a popularity rating of 14.8%. Over the past decade, only ten television dramas have achieved a popularity score exceeding 10%. By the end of the year, both “The Glory” and Song Hye Kyo were indispensable names in any discussion of Korean film and television.

Another Gallup Korea survey in December 2023 ranked Song Hye Kyo as the third most talented actor of the year, with 6.3% of the votes, following Nam Goong Min (20.2%) and Park Eun Bin (6.4%). Additionally, Netflix announced that “The Glory” amassed a staggering 622.8 million viewing hours in its first six months, ranking third globally and leading the charts for non-English language series on the platform.

2023 has indeed been a year of triumph and recognition for Song Hye Kyo. Her exceptional performance in “The Glory” not only captivated audiences but also earned her critical acclaim and several prestigious awards, solidifying her position as a leading figure in the entertainment industry.

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