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Song Hye Kyo requested that The Glory producer erase advertising photographs and videos that showed indications of aging?

Recently, a rumor circulated on Korean social networks claiming Song Hye Kyo had ordered that promotional photographs and videos for the film The Glory, including the film’s poster, be removed from various social networking platforms. “They moved the photo down one step since the audience reaction was negative and it was contentious. When there was a negative reaction from the audience, they simply removed the post. Control their communication. extremely tough, “According to a source in the entertainment sector.
However, prior to this report, The Glory’s production spokesperson denied, “The promotional video was created so that we could thank the public for viewing the works published this year, which concentrates on projects that have previously shown. However, this video was removed because it featured footage from the film The Glory, which had not yet been shown.”
“Some photographs that were not included in the final update occurred when altering the material on the poster. That is why it was removed “According to the producer’s spokesperson.
The producer of The Glory, in particular, noted that Song Hye Kyo made no demands to erase photographs or videos from social networking sites or media.
Previously, Song Hye Kyo’s name drew a lot of attention when he appeared at the press conference to introduce the film The Glory. She had a feminine and sophisticated look. While admirers appreciated the actress’s attractiveness, several netizens noted that she was showing symptoms of age. This subject has been hotly debated on numerous Korean social networking platforms. In which many people argue in favor of the 1981 beauty.
The Glory will be available on Netflix on December 30th. When Song Hye Kyo takes on an entirely different part from her prior roles, the project is supposed to aid her transition into acting.



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