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Song Hye Kyo Says No Desire Other Than Work, Dating Trauma Because of Song Joong Ki?

The popularity of Song Hye Kyo’s figure has never been out of the spotlight since she was a teenager.
Song Hye Kyo’s name itself appeared in the sitcom Soonpoong Clinic at first.
Song Hye Kyo also played the Korean drama Endless Love, which began to skyrocket since then.
One Korean drama after another to trying Hollywood movies, Song Hye Kyo’s name is always the first position.
Song Hye Kyo’s figure cannot be separated from her name falling in love.
He met many handsome Korean actors, his heart fell in love with Lee Byung and Hyun Bin, and he finally married Song Joong Ki.
Song Hye Kyo, the Korean goddess, has her heart set on an actor younger than her.
Unfortunately, Song Hye Kyo’s marriage did not last more than two years.
The couple, called the Song-Song Couple, have to go their separate ways with their personal lives.
To date, neither Song Hye Kyo nor Song Joong Ki has confirmed a new relationship.
Song Joong Ki himself achieved popularity after his divorce through the Korean film Space Sweepers to the Korean drama Vincenzo.
Soon, Song Joong Ki will also appear in The Youngest Son of the Chaebol Family.
While Song Hye Kyo is not much different, she admits that she is currently working hard on the set.
Song Hye Kyo admitted that she had no desire for anything else when she was on set and focused on work.
This he conveyed in an interview with Women’s Chosun some time ago.
“I don’t work every day, but whenever I start a new project, I don’t have time to rest. I also like the way I look while working, and believe I live to the fullest while on set. Therefore, I will work harder and no desire for anything else.” said Song Joong Ki’s widow.
Song Hye Kyo is indeed known as a person who is highly dedicated to acting.
However, her high dedication to her career has made netizens speculate that Song Hye Kyo is difficult to date.
Some netizens also questioned whether the divorce made Song Hye Kyo a figure who worked like a horse.
Currently, Song Hye Kyo is focusing on the Korean drama The Glory, which will air at the end of 2022.
Song Hye Kyo will be the figure of Moon Dong Eun, a Samyeong Private Elementary School teacher.
Song Hye Kyo plays a character who once wanted to be an architect but had to leave because of school violence.
Song Hye Kyo has no desire other than work, including dating. What do you think? Is it because of the divorce from Song Joong Ki?



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