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Song Hye Kyo shared how her role in ‘The Glory’ ignited her passion for acting.

Renowned South Korean actress Song Hye-kyo, celebrated for her stellar performance in “The Glory,” recently shared how the popular K-drama series has rekindled her passion for acting. In an interview with South Korean news outlet Sports Chosun, Song Hye-kyo reflected on her remarkable Grand Prize win at the second annual Blue Dragon Series Awards in July of this year and her profound connection to her role in “The Glory.”

She enthusiastically expressed that “The Glory” introduced her to a genre she had never explored before. This fresh challenge eventually revitalized her “joy for acting,” leaving her more intrigued by projects that deviate from her usual repertoire. The transformative power of her character and the compelling narrative of the show had reignited her creative spirit.

Song Hye-kyo also acknowledged how her portrayal of Moon Dong-eun in “The Glory” had successfully altered perceptions. She observed that it had transformed the minds of those who were initially hesitant to accept her in unconventional genres. Following the tremendous success of the K-drama, she found herself being offered a broader range of projects, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

During the interview, Song Hye-kyo contemplated the future of her character in “The Glory” after achieving her revenge. She pondered, “[She] would be doing just fine, but she wouldn’t forgive herself for the lives she ruined in her quest for vengeance.” The complexity of her character was evident in her enduring guilt and remorse for the pain she had inflicted upon innocent individuals. She envisioned her character living a life of perpetual self-redemption, offering her own form of apologies, and bracing herself for any consequences that might come her way.

Earlier this year, NME recognized the second part of “The Glory” as one of the standout K-dramas of 2023, alongside other notable series like “Dr. Romantic” Season 3, the gripping political thriller “Queenmaker,” the fantastical “Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938,” and more. The series’ critical acclaim further solidified Song Hye-kyo’s status as a revered figure in the world of South Korean entertainment.

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