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Song Hye Kyo Shows Love For Park Hyung Sik And Jeon So Nee On Set Of Their New Drama.

Song Hye Kyo made a brilliant display of support for Park Hyung Sik and Jeon So Nee!
On July 8, Jeon So Nee revealed on Instagram Stories that Song Hye Kyo had sent a coffee truck to the set of her and Park Hyung Sik’s upcoming drama “Youth Climb the Barrier” (literal translation).
Posting a cute photo that she and Park Hyung Sik had snapped in front of the truck, Jeon So Nee-who starred alongside Song Hye Kyo in the tvN drama “Encounter“-affectionately wrote, “On this scorching day, Kyo’s love has arrived.”
The banner on the truck sent by Song Hye Kyo reads, “Cheering on the pretty So Nee and the handsome Hyung Sik! ‘Youth Climb the Barrier,’ find strength on this hot day!! From Song Hye Kyo.”
“Youth Climb the Barrier,” scheduled to premiere in the second half of 2022, is a historical romance drama about a prince suffering from a mysterious curse and a woman falsely accused of murdering her family.



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