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Song Hye Kyo Shows Off to Meet Jang Ki Yong, Song Joong Ki’s Ex-Wife Appearance is Very Simple!

Jang Ji Yong and Song Hye Kyo are increasingly stealing attention after successfully starring in the series Now We Are Breaking Up.
Reportedly getting closer, Song Hye Kyo took the time to visit Jang Ki Yong in the military.
Looking beautiful but straightforward, let’s take a peek at Song Hye Kyo’s style when she meets Jang Ki Yong below. The sweet fact of Jang Ki Yong’s meeting with Song Hye Kyo was revealed directly by the actor. On the SBS Power FM radio program “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show”, Jang Ki Yong initially talked about the military musical Blue Helmet with EXO’s Chanyeol and ONF’s Hyojin.
Not only that, but he also discussed his latest drama with Song Hye Kyo. He shared that he had to finish filming Now We Are Breaking Up before leaving for the military. “I filmed the drama up to four days before my military enlistment,” Jang Ki Yong was quoted as saying by Soompi.
He was then mentioned about the Now We Are Breaking Up players.
He was even asked if Song Hye Kyo came to see him during his military service. And who would have thought, Jang Ki Yong, admitted that Song Hye Kyo and his friends had come to see him?
“Yes, right. The whole Now We Are Breaking Up team came to see me. It gave me a lot of strength,” he said. And sure enough, Jang Ki Yong’s words were welcomed by Song Hye Kyo. Song Hye Kyo showed off a sweet portrait through her personal Instagram account when she visited Jang Ki Yong.
Not alone, Song Hye Kyo was accompanied by other Now We Are Breaking Up players. In the upload, the Now We Are Breaking Up players look so happy when they gather together.
But again, the style of Song Joong Ki’s ex-wife did not go unnoticed. Without expensive dresses and splashy make-up, Song Hye Kyo looks so beautiful.
He looks simple wearing only a sweater.
His face also looks so fresh even though he has to take the time to come on the sidelines of his activities. Jang Ki Yong and Song Hye Kyo’s names have often been linked lately.
Not a few hope that the two of them have a relationship in the real world after the series Now We Are Breaking Up.



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