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Song Hye Kyo shows special affection for her sister, this is the rare person who stands up to protect when there is a noise.

Recently, beautiful actress Song Yoon Ah showed her support for Song Hye Kyo by sending a drunk truck to the set of “The Glory”. Song Hye Kyo was also highly grateful for the senior’s affection and immediately shared it on her Instagram to thank her.
She did not hesitate to express her feelings: “I love you, my sister”.
This is not the first time Song Yoon Ah has shown affection for her younger sister. Although they are not biological sisters, their close relationship for 20 years is even closer than real sisters.
Because she is an only child, Song Hye Kyo always longs to have someone close by her side. Right from the moment she entered showbiz. Song Hye Kyo received the help of senior Song Yoon Ah. Therefore, for Song Hye Kyo, Song Yoon Ah is her older sister.
Song Yoon Ah is also a rare person to speak up to protect and support Song Hye Kyo when the beauty is entangled in controversy. Whenever a junior is sad, Song Yoon Ah is always by her side. The two’s sweet friendship makes fans enormously admire.



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