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Korean actress plays mother: Song Hye Kyo struggles to make a living, Son Ye Jin goes crazy to protect her child.

From the past to the present, movies exploiting the theme of motherhood in Korea have always resonated and attracted a large audience to theaters to enjoy. When watching the movie, the public is not only immersed in the profound content about family affection but also witnesses the ingenious incarnation of the actresses playing the mother role.
In addition to giving boundless love to their children, the following mothers are also likened to superheroes, protecting and accompanying their children to fight illness or life’s dangers.
Song Hye Kyo – A worker’s mother devoted to her children.
In 2014, Song Hye Kyo once impressed the public when playing the role of a mother of one child in the movie “My Brilliant Life.” This movie marks the “reuniting” of Song Hye Kyo, and Kang Dong Won after the 2010 movie Camellia.
In the film, Song Hye Kyo transforms into Mira – a woman who has to give up her dream of becoming a singer to take care of her child with a severe illness. Her son was diagnosed with Progeria syndrome, a rare disease that causes him to age rapidly.
Having given birth to a child at the age of 17, the girl Mira and her husband, Dae Su (Kang Dong Won), do not seem to have much experience being a parent or taking care of a family. What she has is only instinct and love for the child she carries.
Every day, Mira works hard to earn money for her child’s treatment. In her free time, she and her husband stayed with their children until the boy turned into an angel and flew back to heaven.
Although the film did not achieve the expected success, it is undeniable that Song Hye Kyo captured the audience’s hearts when fully portraying the mother character Mira.
The “crazy” mother with red eyes – Son Ye Jin.
The nation’s first love, Son Ye Jin, surprised the audience when she transformed into the character of a “crazy” mother in the 2016 film The Truth Beneath.
The film is a touching story about motherhood when mother Yeon Hong has to overcome difficulties to find her missing daughter. Yeon Hong gradually loses control by worrying about her children; she becomes irritable and aggressive towards everyone around her.
When looking at it, it seems that everyone will see that Yeon Hong has a mental problem, but when faced with clues related to her daughter, she becomes exceptionally sober.
To find her daughter, mother Yeon Hong read more than 50,000 letters and met countless people; she even threatened those she suspected were holding clues about the child. It can be said that Yeon Hong makes a strong impression with the image of a mother who is cornered to the point of madness, but her heart and mind are always directed towards her children.
The audience who watched the movie said they shuddered at Ye Jin’s acting. Many people questioned whether Ye Jin was psychologically affected after transforming into the character.
The public has received many compliments for Song Hye Kyo and Son Ye Jin’s skillful acting. Although the actresses were later exposed to many new scenarios and transformed into countless other characters, their images are always in the hearts of audiences everywhere.



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