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Song Hye Kyo unexpectedly found herself entangled in baseless rumors that left her fans frustrated.

Following the success of “The Glory,” Song Hye Kyo’s name has received even more attention from the general public as well as fans worldwide. Her presence at events has become more frequent, and notably, Song Hye Kyo’s beauty at every occasion has garnered immense media attention, with everyone admiring her timeless charm as an actress.

Recently, at an event, Song Hye Kyo left a lasting impression in a stunning green dress, her face glowing, and her radiant smile captivating everyone’s gaze. However, this moment raised suspicions among many, with some speculating that Song Hye Kyo might have undergone cosmetic surgery. Her more refined facial features appeared distinct from her previous appearances, triggering a wave of speculation about plastic surgery on South Korean social media.

For Song Hye Kyo’s loyal fans, these unsubstantiated rumors have stirred frustration. Many vehemently deny the possibility of the actress having cosmetic procedures, pointing out that she has been frequently appearing at events recently, leaving little time for post-surgical recovery. They argue that her recent changes are simply due to fluctuations in her weight.

Despite the tremendous success of “The Glory,” Song Hye Kyo has yet to announce her involvement in a new project. The public, and especially her devoted fans, eagerly anticipate the next breakthrough in her acting career, hoping for her next remarkable performance.

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