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Song Hye Kyo was ‘cleared’, the reason why the marriage broke up turned out to be from Song Joong Ki?

As an A-list star in the Korean entertainment industry, information about Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo received the attention of fans. Recently, Song Joong Ki received the media’s and fans’ attention after the movie “Reborn Rich” During the recent press conference, Song Joong Ki caught attention with the revelations about his personality.
Specifically, the actor “Descendants of the Sun” said that when he eats yogurt, he often has a habit of eating the sticky part on the box’s lid. When using the mask, the remaining essence is also taken to use.
“I’m a very shy, so I’ll use the note to pat my neck too. I hope the mask manufacturers increase the essence,” Song Joong Ki shared, and he also revealed himself. There are also tools for removing toothpaste so that when the tube is almost empty, use it until there is no more in the tube, then throw it away.
He has maintained this habit of Song Joong Ki for a long time. Many people think that this thrifty lifestyle of the actor conflicts with Song Hye Kyo. The marriage had many disagreements that prevented them from going together until the end of their lives.
However, Song Joong Ki’s fans defended their idol, saying that although he lives frugally, he still lives well with friends and employees when he often gives them valuable gifts.
Although it is not known exactly what marriage caused the Song couple to divorce, the information caused by the boy’s side also caused many people to stir. Some fans of Song Hye Kyo think that if this information is true, the actress “Autumn in my heart” has been forgiven. Since the divorce until now, Song Hye Kyo has suffered many bitter words from rumors that she is the cause of their marriage breakdown.
She endured many words, but Song Hye Kyo never spoke up to justify herself. After a period of absence from the screen, the actress is finishing the movie “The Glory.” Many people expect the breakthrough of the beauty of the Song family in this appearance.



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