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Song Hye Kyo was constantly pressured by her ex-husband Song Joong Ki.

The small Korean screen at the end of 2022 marks the return of many of the country’s top names, especially the charming couple Song Joong Ki – Song Hye Kyo. This is the rare time the two actors mentioned above have reappeared simultaneously after 6 years since Descendants of the Sun.
With the new film being shown in 170 countries, many people think that 2022 is Song Joong Ki’s time. At the same time, the public also feels worried about Song Hye Kyo because of the pressure that the actress is facing.
Just yesterday, Song Joong Ki made fans extremely proud when the movie “Reborn Rich” appeared on many screening platforms. Although previously, the movie was set to air on VIU in parallel with cable station JTBC.
On November 12, fans’ pride doubled with the news that Song Joong Ki’s new movie will be shown in 170 countries worldwide. Through this, it can be seen that the audience that Reborn Rich has the opportunity to reach is very large.
This is a good sign for both Song Joong Ki and JTBC. Because from the beginning, the movie Reborn Rich is inherently not a project with too high expectations. When the project was just announced, some people worried that the film would not generate a large amount of “heat” because when looking at the cast, there were no prominent names besides Song Joong Ki.
Information that Song Joong Ki’s new movie was shown in 170 countries received much attention and discussion from netizens on film forums. Accordingly, in addition to giving good wishes for the achievement that Song Joong Ki has just achieved, netizens also recognize that the actor’s career is increasing daily.
With this momentum, the audience thinks it is only a matter before Song Joong Ki sets up new achievements or gets his name on the gold table at prestigious awards.
Besides, someone mentioned The Glory – a movie set to air at the end of this year and began to worry about the female lead – Song Hye Kyo. With Song Joong Ki’s film achievement, many people realize that Song Hye Kyo is under great pressure because the opponent is too strong.
It is known that The Glory will air this year on Netflix, but Song Hye Kyo’s project is still silent, making the audience extremely worried.
However, both films have not aired yet, so the audience’s doubts are only for reference. It is necessary to wait for the film to be screened and listen to the audience’s feedback to give the most objective evaluation.
It is known that the movie “Reborn Rich” will officially air on November 18 on JTBC, while Song Hye Kyo’s “The Glory” has just been set to premiere this year but has not revealed a specific time.



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