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Song Hye Kyo’s alarmingly thin legs make fans worried.

On July 7, Song Hye Kyo went to see a fashion show of a famous Italian brand within the Paris High Fashion Week framework.
The Korean star wore a split gray suit with a matching handbag and nude heels at the event. Along with short hair, Song Hye Kyo exudes elegance and fashion and is a successful female figure. The most attractive point is the beautiful, ageless face; just light makeup is also very prominent.
However, in addition to compliments, many netizens noticed that the “Descendants of the Sun” actress was thinner than before. The legs look skinny and lack the softness and softness.
Many fans expressed concern about Song Hye Kyo’s health. They advised her not to lose too much weight but to eat and exercise more scientifically and healthier. Undeniably, in recent years, especially after the divorce, Song Hye Kyo has increasingly “promoted” beauty thanks to successful weight loss. Her face is slimmer and younger. The body is also elegant and graceful. “Korea’s bare-faced goddess” once admitted to having an easy-to-fat body and difficult-to-control weight. At one point, she weighed up to 70 kg. She has achieved a desirable figure due to her determination to lose weight and establish a strict diet and exercise regimen. The weight that Song Hye Kyo lost was 17 kg. One secret of Song Joong Ki’s ex-wife is to only eat tofu for dinner. Besides, Song Hye Kyo’s dressing sense has also improved a lot. In the past, she was often criticized for wearing inappropriate clothes, sometimes “cutting the horns to make a calve,” when she was older than her age. She has become more stylish, transforming various styles from feminine and elegant to personality and dynamic. However, Song Hye Kyo seems to be “stepping in the footsteps” of many other showbiz beauties, falling into the process of losing weight without realizing the stop, leading to counterproductive results.



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