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Song Hye Kyo’s latest share really surprised the audience about the character she wanted to mention.

It is known that Song Hye Kyo is about to return with a new TV project since the movie Now we break up. This project of the Korean screen goddess is The Glory. The drama is currently receiving a lot of attention from press and media reporters and is expected to air at the end of December. Recently, Song Hye Kyo had an exchange with the audience and revealed about this movie. Accordingly, she also shared about why accepting the role in the movie was revealed to have a sad ending, not a happy ending like the audience’s favorite.
“I’m more attracted to characters who can go through more pain. I also don’t like movies with happy endings. I don’t think I clearly remember works with happy endings.” , Song Hye Kyo suddenly shared.
The story would not be worth discussing if the movie “Descendants of the Sun” by Song Hye Kyo and her ex-husband had a rather satisfying ending. It is even a hit work in Asia, helping Song Hye Kyo regain her glory and Song Joong Ki successfully re-appeared after being discharged from the army. Therefore, many people think that the Korean screen goddess does not want to remember Song Joong Ki. Many people talk about Song Hye Kyo’s share.
For the project “The Glory” this time, Song Hye Kyo transformed into Moon Dong Eun – a teacher at Semyeong Private Primary School. In the past, Moon Dong Eun suffered from school violence, had to drop out of school and give up her dream of becoming an architect. Because she was so frustrated, Moon Dong Eun built a plan to take revenge on those who bullied her or watched her being bullied.
Reportedly, participating in “The Glory”, Song Hye Kyo reunited with screenwriter Kim Eun Sook of “Descendants of the Sun.” Many people expect Kim Eun Sook’s new work after a period of hiatus. However, for Song Hye Kyo, since the divorce, her film project has not been appreciated as expected. Moreover, the fact that she was paired with a young man who was too young for her age was also criticized.
Song Hye Kyo re-collaborating with scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook aroused the audience’s expectations.



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