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Song Hye Kyo’s Powerful Way of Guarding Her Privacy After Divorce.

In a recent update on her personal Instagram, Song Hye Kyo showcased her timeless beauty at an event in Singapore, proving that she remains a top-tier beauty in the Korean showbiz industry. However, what caught the attention of netizens is her continued practice of safeguarding her online presence by locking comments, a choice she made back in 2019 when she and Song Joong Ki divorced.

During the tumultuous period of their divorce rumors, Song Hye Kyo faced online harassment as fans and anti-fans swarmed her social media, demanding her response. At that time, Song Joong Ki had not yet joined Instagram, making Song Hye Kyo the primary target of online pressure.

Even after the divorce, Song Hye Kyo continued to be a subject of online attacks. Many of Song Joong Ki’s fans and anti-fans continuously left disrespectful and uncivil comments on her posts, turning her Instagram into a battlefield.

In response to the online turmoil, Song Hye Kyo decided to protect herself by disabling comments on her Instagram posts. She didn’t want her sole channel of communication with her loyal fans to be overshadowed by meaningless conflicts.

In an interview, Song Hye Kyo explained that she aimed to make her Instagram a platform for sharing her life with her supportive fans. She often shares glimpses of her life through her posts.

She also revealed that she prefers sharing images of landscapes and places rather than just selfies. These travel photos serve as inspiration for her followers to discover beautiful travel destinations.

Song Hye Kyo admitted, “There aren’t many opportunities for actors to interact with their fans. I try to share as much as I can about my work. I’m not good with computers (laughs), but I try to document the people I’ve met and the things I’ve done.”

It seems that Song Hye Kyo’s concerns about her life being overly exploited in the media have been resolved. In her 40s, she appears to be unperturbed by public opinion and is focused on enjoying every day of her life to the fullest.

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