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Song Hye Kyo’s Psychiatrist Explains Why He Only Eats Gimbap on ‘The Glory’

There has been a lot of curiosity regarding the finale of the Netflix drama “The Glory,” which will continue with its second season. A hypothesis has recently circulated regarding why Moon Dong Eun, portrayed by Song Hye Kyo, habitually eats kimbap despite being emaciated.
In the video material posted lately on the Youtube channel “Mental Tantan”, a psychiatrist called Kim Do Yeon evaluates the character in “The Glory”. Moon Dong Eun, who was a victim of school bullying in the drama “The Glory,” was only seen eating gimbap, according to Kim Do Yeon.
“I believe Moon Dong Eun is not interested in eating or purchasing clothing or anything and simply concentrates on vengeance as her life goal,” said Kim Do Yeon, who became a fan of “The Glory” after watching the drama.
“Moon Dong Eun has PTSD concerning fire and items involving fire because of a previous experience of school violence,” psychiatrist Oh Jin Seung said. “I suppose he eats gimbap all the time since he can eat it without cooking, which requires him to utilize fire,” he said.
Meanwhile, “The Glory” continues to acquire popularity not just in Korea but also beyond. Part 2 will broadcast in March and is likely to depict the fierce conflict between Dong Eun and Yeon Jin.



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