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Song Hye Kyo’s strange appearance suddenly made fans excited and surprised.

The news about the celebrity Song Hye Kyo is never-ending. His appearance in the love life of Song Hye Kyo is always interesting to discuss. In a recent photoshoot of Harper’s Bazaar Korea with the well-known brand Fendi Roma, Song Hye Kyo surprised the public with her different appearance.
From her personal Instagram post @kyo1122 on February 22, 2022, Song Hye Kyo showed her daring appearance that was far from usual. In the photo, Song Hye Kyo can cut her hair in a black bob, wearing a gray Fendi Roma suit.
The Gray viscose top and the bottom suit called the Gray Viscose Skirt from Fendi Roma fit perfectly on the slim body of Song Joong Ki’s ex-wife. The suit with a top crop nuance made Song Hye Kyo’s slim stomach exposed and succeeded in making her look so sexy. Coupled with the Fendi First Small bag she was wearing, Song Hye Kyo’s appearance was even more complete.
Not only about the outfit, but Song Joong Ki’s ex-wife also dares to display a different makeup style.
Song Hye Kyo usually wears makeup with a flawless concept and thin makeup that is not excessive and prefers to highlight her natural beauty. However, in this photoshoot, Song Hye Kyo is seen wearing bold makeup with sharp eye makeup in the style of smokey eyes, which look very firm and bold.
Song Hye Kyo’s different appearance suddenly made her fans excited and amazed by her face.
Song Hye Kyo’s pose is also anti-death with her fierce expression, successfully showing a sexy aura in her and charming. Jang Ki Yong’s opponent in the drama ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ does not appear to be in his 40s. Her beautiful face and solid appearance that dares to be different make Song Hye Kyo always fashionable and looks youthful.



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