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Song Joong Ki Admits He Has a Temperamental Side, Suspected of Being the Cause of Divorce with Song Hye Kyo.

Song Joong Ki is famous as an actor who has a youthful face. Behind his cute visuals, he admits that he has an emotional nature and gets angry quickly.
This was revealed through the SBS Radio Power FM program ‘Park So Hyun’s Love Game’, which aired in 2013.
At that time, one of the listeners asked him if he had become a ‘good person’ and when was the last time he was angry.
The ‘Vincenzo’ star gave an answer that made the public surprised; he admitted that he was the type of person who was easily angered and temperamental.
Song Joong Ki added, “I tend to speak up when I feel like I’m not being treated fairly at work. I also get angry when coworkers act rudely. One time, I shouted at an older actor.”
He was once advised by his best friend, Lee Kwang Soo, to control his emotions better.
Even though Song Joong Ki has been known as a person who has a calm and smiling disposition, he also looks very affectionate and friendly to anyone.
Knowing this fact, DJ Park So Hyun responded jokingly, “I begged Song Joong Ki to be a guest here, and now I feel bad. I think Song Joong Ki’s words were referring to me when he talked about abusive parents.”
Song Joong Ki immediately apologized. He also seemed embarrassed to admit his lousy nature, “Sorry, I think I said the wrong thing.”
Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki’s true nature was exposed, making netizens associate it with his divorce in 2019.
“Could this be the reason they split up? It’s a big question.”
On the other hand, some think that Song Hye Kyo’s hand was injured because of the actor’s anger.
“I just found out now. I didn’t like celebrity news before; oh my God. I didn’t expect him to be like this. Please, don’t tell me that Kyo’s wound on his hand when he went to Thailand was because of him. Gosh.”
Until now, many public opinions continue to speculate about the reasons for their divorce.
Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo married in 2017. Not even two years into building a household, the two decided to divorce in mid-2019.
They decided to separate due to incompatibility. But until now, the truth of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s divorce is still a mystery.



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