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Song Joong Ki affirmed the “Hallyu king” level; like this, leaving Song Hye Kyo was a storm.

After a brief marriage with Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong Ki almost wanted to put all his energy into his career when he continuously received movies and occupied the screen a few years ago.
Following the success of Vincenzo airing in 2021, Song Joong Ki will soon launch another movie with equally engaging content, called Reborn Rich, in collaboration with “big girl” Shin Hyun Bin.
From the early days when the film started filming until the official broadcast schedule, any information about Reborn Rich received great attention from the public. Achieving such a positive effect is partly due to the great influence of Song Joong Ki.
It is not difficult to recognize that most of the films Song Joong Ki received have achieved quite high ratings, attracting many viewers, completely worthy of the title “King of Hallyu” people call him. That may be why even though Reborn Rich hasn’t aired yet, netizens are convinced that the film’s producer will make a lot of money.
The reason is that recently, netizens suddenly discovered that Reborn Rich appeared on many major online movie viewing platforms of the world as well as Korea, including Netflix, TVING, JTBC, VIU, VIKI, and Disney. It must be known that not all television works are so heavily invested, proving that the producer is very confident in the explosive potential of the film and implicitly affirms the influence and status of Song Joong Ki. in the eyes of the manufacturer.
Talking about the movie Reborn Rich, the work is about Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki), a secretary working for one of the most powerful families in Korea. Because of an unexpected cruel incident, Yoon Hyun Woo was reincarnated, living in the body of the youngest son in the house – Jin Do Joon, with a fierce determination to take revenge. According to the previous announcement, Reborn Rich will be broadcast on November 18 at 22:30



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