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Song Joong Ki and Kim Hye Soo are both attractive, but they can’t get beyond this character.

Gallup Korea just officially published the vote results for the “Top Talents 2022” category, in which two talented actors, Song Joong Ki and Kim Hye Soo, both unexpectedly lost to one star. Gallup Korea conducted an interview study “Top Talents of 2022” with 1,771 persons aged 13 and above in Korea on December 13 from November 7 to November 24. The survey findings have been made public.
In which actress Woo Young Woo – Park Eun Bin triumphed, followed by Kim Hye Soo in second place and Nam Goong Min in third place. Park Eun Bin received 13.6% of the vote, barely beating out Kim Hye Soo (13%), and Nam Goong Min (11%).
In 2022, the actress starred in the ENA drama Weird Female Lawyer Woo Young Woo as Woo Young Woo, a brilliant lawyer who suffers from autistic spectrum disease. She garnered favorable feedback from the crowd for her outstanding performance in the film.
in a state of awe and awe.
Kim Hye Soo with Under the Central Palace and Juvenile Court and Nam Goong Min with Lawyer 1000 Won take second and third place in “Top Talents 2022,” respectively. Go Doo Shim, who has featured in Our Blues and Herreal Call, is ranked fourth. Finally, Song Joong Ki, who is generating a stir with “Reborn Rich,” has a very modest record, coming in fifth place. Positions 6 to 10 are held by Lee Jung Jae, Hyun Bin, Lee Byung Hun, Son Seok Koo, and Kim Go Eun, respectively.



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